Odyssey, the ambitious 2D/3D real-time software project.

Combine the power of Unreal Engine with the efficiency of EPOS & ILIAD in a dedicated interface.


Odyssey is a project for a 2D traditional animation software within a 3D real-time environment powered by Unreal Engine.

Odyssey is the result of years of development: ILIAD (for the brush engine and the layered-structure), EPOS (for the narrative structure) and ULIS (for image processing). In addition, Odyssey will offer a dedicated interface designed for 2D artists and a bunch of classic digital tools for traditional animation: light table , flip, shift and trace, line smoothing, colouring tools... and so much more!

As a software powered by Unreal Engine, Odyssey will also be able to manage 3D assets, cameras, compositing (keying, lights, particles, etc) and editing (sound, video, animation), in a collaborative and iterative workflow.

Odyssey is still a work in progress and we hope to release a beta version soon.

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