Who are we?


Antoine Antin

Internationally famous as a great animator, Antoine is also passionate about development. In the end, he's the missing link to reconnect graphic artists and computer engineers.


Clément Berthaud

Reclusive, but supportive, Clément is a skilled autodidact whose brain is overflowing with ideas to bring about a revolution in the animation sector.


Fabrice Debarge

Benevolent leader and visionnary, Fabrice has always worked solely in the interests of graphic artists to make them the best software.


Elodie Moog

One does not simply remember her for her smile, her hats and her passion for animation, but mostly because supporting production teams is her biggest motivation.


Naomiki Sato

As a multingual Zen Master, Naomiki could have been a diplomat. But he has finally dedicated his cause to French-Japanese translations (mangas, software) and origamis.


Thomas Schmitt

He could have been a great video game developer, but Thomas chose to use his talent for the common good of animators. No pressure is never strong enough to him, not event a tablet's pressure!


Eric Scholl

After watching a RED light changing to GREEN whereas he was kind of BLUE, Eric's got a sudden understanding of the world and became a specialist of Color Spaces.

We are 7 associates who want to pool our experience in the animation industry and software development.

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