Praxinos Team

Our philosophy

Praxinos is a cooperative company legally based in North-East France, but which operates entirely remotely. Our purpose is to provide tools to contribute to the artistic enhancement of the entertainment industries by developing plugins and software with Unreal Engine. Our team is made of skilled members, united under one banner : our love for animation and video games. Our wish is to meet the requirements of this demanding art by offering adapted solutions to the numerous professions : 2D and 3D animators, storyboard artists, background designers, inbetweeners, colour artists, compositing artists, editors, etc. As a cooperative company, Praxinos only belongs to its employees and we are all equals in decisions. By financially supporting Praxinos, you are essentially supporting our salaries and the evolution of the company.

We are a team of passionate people making tools for graphic artists of the entertainment industry.

Who are we?


Fabrice Debarge

Benevolent leader and visionnary, Fabrice has always worked solely in the interests of graphic artists to make them the best software.


Gary Gabriel

Arriving at the end of 2022 with his sharp mind and good mood, something tells us that Gary will be the vector of new features in our software...


Cléa Gonay

With a Master's degree from Paris 8 ATI, Cléa is a specialist in 2D animation in a 3D context. Actually, she's kind of the "blender of animation" of the team.


Elodie Moog

One does not simply remember her for her smile, her hats and her passion for animation, but mostly because supporting production teams is her biggest motivation.


Naomiki Sato

As a multingual Zen Master, Naomiki could have been a diplomat. But he has finally dedicated his cause to French-Japanese translations (mangas, software) and origamis.


Thomas Schmitt

He could have been a great video game developer, but Thomas chose to use his talent for the common good of animators. No pressure is never strong enough to him, not even a tablet's pressure!


Eric Scholl

After watching a RED light changing to GREEN whereas he was kind of BLUE, Eric's got a sudden understanding of the world and became a specialist of Color Spaces.


Michael Schreiner

Mike is a true ninja of computer science : discreet, rational and efficient, he's able to fix any developement issue... until 4:30 pm only.

Former collaborators

We would also like to thank our former collaborators for the good work and anything positive they have brought to Praxinos:


Antoine Antin


Clément Berthaud