Get trained on Praxinos software to power up your creativity!

Want to add drawing and storyboarding tools into your 3D real-time pipeline? We are here to help and train you!


Whether you are a small collective or a big animation studio, our trainers can't wait to teach you how to use our plugins EPOS and ILIAD in a few days. These training sessions can take place either on our Discord server, in a private channel, or directly on site. For your information, your will find below an example of a 3-day long training program. For any request, please contact us and give us more information on your needs (on site or remotely, how many trainees, etc).

1st day

• Unreal Engine 5 basics
• Understand Texture 2D with ILIAD
• Understand Materials
• The Sequencer
• Create and manage a storyboard structure with EPOS

2nd day

• 3D environnements (Quixel library, Marketplace, migrations)
• Placer cameras
• Camera moves
• Add and animate actors
• Notes and sound tracks

3rd day

• Clone, duplicate and use Takes
• Using Media Tracks
• Working with several Levels
• Export / render a sequence
• The naming convention

Teachers: Get a free training! (French)

Praxinos is glad to offer you a free 5-day training course (3 days of training and 2 days of practice to make a short animatic), that is organised in partnership with Epic Games. This training is for teachers only, and all regular speakers in animation schools. Please take note the session will be in French only. Our next session will take place online on our Discord server, from the 6th to the 10th of February 2023. Subscribe before the 2nd of February 2023 to be part of it for free!

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