Get trained on Praxinos software to power up your creativity!

Want to add drawing and storyboarding tools into your 3D real-time pipeline? We are here to help and train you!


Whether you are a small collective or a big animation studio, our trainers can't wait to teach you how to use our plugins EPOS and ILIAD in a few days. These training sessions can take place either on our Discord server, in a private channel, or directly on site. For your information, your will find below an example of a 3-day long training program. For any request, please contact us and give us more information on your needs (on site or remotely, how many trainees, etc).

1st day

• Unreal Engine 5 basics
• Understand Texture 2D with ILIAD
• Understand Materials
• The Sequencer
• Create and manage a storyboard structure with EPOS

2nd day

• 3D environnements (Quixel library, Marketplace, migrations)
• Placer cameras
• Camera moves
• Add and animate actors
• Notes and sound tracks

3rd day

• Clone, duplicate and use Takes
• Using Media Tracks
• Working with several Levels
• Export / render a sequence
• The naming convention