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What is ULIS ?

ULIS is an acronym that stands from Unlimited Library for Imaging System. This library was created to answer the specific needs of ILIAD and Odyssey related to the context of raster-based drawing in a 3D environment powered by Unreal Engine.

ULIS capabilities :
• Cross-Platform C++14 Library
• Generic digital image processing
• 2D Software rasterizer
• Unlimited image formats (u8, u16, u32, float, double)
• Custom bit-ordered memory layouts
• All Photoshop pixel blending modes + 11 additional modes
• Color models (RGB, HSL, HSV, CMYK, ...)
• Color-managed pipelines, Color Space support (icm profiles and device-independant)
• Optimized algorithms with multithreading
• Optimized algorithms with SIMD Extensions (SSE2)
• Big Images (300000 px * 300000 px)
• Image pools and caches for optimisations
• Memory storage of animated image sequences

Software Requirements Specification (SRS):
• 64bit OS - Linux, Windows or MacOS
• CMake (3.11.4 or greater)
• Git (2.17.0 or greater)
• C++ compiler with C++14 support
• Python (3.7 or greater) available from PATH as "python3" (optional)

Supported Compilers :
• MinGW 64 7.xx
• Clang LLVM xx

How to access ULIS ?

ULIS will be available soon on GitHub. Thank you for your patience :)
If you're interested in including ULIS in your software solutions, please contact us to expose your needs and get a quotation.



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