Praxinos is a cooperative company based in North-East France. Our purpose is to deliver a multi-faceted software for 2D and 3D animation in a real-time environment.

Projects powered by Unreal Engine

To make that possible, Praxinos has got a partnership with the American company « Epic Games ». Publicly known for its video game « Fortnite », Epic Games is behind Unreal Engine, a 3D real-time engine mainly used in the video game industry, but also in various sectors (broadcast, architecture, medical imaging, automotive, aeronautic, etc). This partnership and the solid technological base offered by Unreal Engine will help to expedite Praxinos' projects.

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Our calling ? Supporting your projects by offering new solutions for the art and the industry of animation.

Our purposes

Our team is made of skilled members, united under one banner : our love for animation. Our wish is to meet the requirements of this demanding art by offering adapted solutions to the numerous professions : 2D and 3D animators, storyboard artists, background designers, inbetweeners, colour artists, compositing artists, editors, etc.

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