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What is ILIAD ?

ILIAD is a free painting plugin with a dedicated interface to edit and create 2D textures directly in UE4. Express your art thanks to our powerful Blueprint-based brush engine ; create Odyssey brushes to make traditional tools (crayons, paintbrushes, grease pencils...) with specific value (symmetry on various axes, seamless results, etc.)

ILIAD can suit several purposes, such as :
• editing 2D textures used in materials (diffuse, specular, normal, etc.) and see the result in real-time on 3D assets
• creating 2D images like tile sets or sprites for 2D video games
• drawing sketches for storyboard or design



• UV map editing with a mesh selector
• Color selectors (Color Wheel, HSL, HSV, etc.)
• Layer stack (merge, duplicate, delete, lock and hide)
• Blending modes for layers and drawing tools (erase, multiply, overlay, burn, etc)
• Blueprint-based brushes (Odyssey brushes) with specific nodes (GetPressure, GetColor, etc.)
• Compatible with tablets (Ink API) and pressure sensitive
• Works in runtime
• Exporting layers as 2D textures
• Pan, rotate and zoom in/out the canvas
• Can create 2D textures
• Can edit 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit textures

Obviously, we are still working hard on improving ILIAD. Here is a feature list we plan to add as soon as possible.

Video game, animation, architecture, automotive... ILIAD can be helpful for any industry !

Where can I download ILIAD ?

You can download ILIAD only on Unreal Engine Marketplace. Feel free to give us a good rate and review if you like our plugin !

Click here to download ILIAD

Click here to download a uProject with brush samples (+70 Odyssey brushes and 1 Inline tutorial).

User guide and documentation

A User guide is being written and will take place either on our forum or on a dedicated website. However, you will find videos on our YouTube channel to get started with ILIAD. If you need specific help to build brushes or submit bugs and ideas, please join our forum. You can also chat with us on Discord.

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