ILIAD, a versatile drawing plugin for Unreal Engine.

ILIAD is a free plugin to create and edit textures in real-time. It eases your creativity and your art without leaving Unreal Engine environment.


Works on Windows and MacOS

Tablet sensitive

Enjoy incredible drawing tools on any graphic tablets: Wacom, XP-Pen, Gaomon, etc.


Edit asset's textures, create sprite animations, draw doodles, make foliages or paint decals!

Fast & Efficient

No need to import and export texture from a third software anymore!

ILIAD logo

ILIAD is a drawing plugin for Unreal Engine. Powerful and versatile, it will allow you to edit and create images while remaining in the environment of the famous Epic Games engine. Forget the incessant back and forth with a third party program, and enjoy the comfort of an iterative solution like ILIAD, while benefiting from the essential functions of other software on the market.

Video game, animation, architecture, automotive... ILIAD can be helpful for any industries !


Texture-editing for endless possibilities

Thanks to ILIAD, you will be able to paint decals to be projected on your sets, generate post-process effects, modify the Normal Map and Height Map of an object, make research sketches, design Tilesets and Sprites for 2D games or simply modify any Diffuse to add additional colour shades to an object.

Blueprint-based brushes

Express your art thanks to our powerful Blueprint-based brush engine ; create Odyssey brushes to make traditional tools (crayons,paintbrushes, grease pencils...) and combine them to specific mathematical characteristics (symmetry on various axes, seamless results, etc). Take advantage of the 75 default brushes to study Iliad brush engine in detail. Thanks to nodes specially designed to deal with graphics tablet APIs, you will be able to take full advantage of pen management (pressure, angle, direction, speed, azimuth), both on Mac and Windows, with all major brands on the market (Wacom, XP-Pen, Gaomon, etc). Need more brushes? An extra pack with 120 brushes is available in Unreal Engine Marketplace. You can also support us on Patreon to get a new pack of 10 brushes every month.

Draw directly on static meshes!

Thanks to ILIAD, you can directly edit objects using a Static Mesh. Need to add moss to a rock, draw with chalk on a board or simply leave a message in your Level for your colleagues? Nothing could be simpler thanks to this incredible feature!

Make your own 2D animations

You like making old-fashioned 2D games? Thanks to the Flipbook editor, you can directly create 2D animations with ILIAD in the simplest possible way: a timeline, layers, a play button and off you go! These Flipbooks can then be directly integrated into your game as scenery elements, 2D effects or playable characters.


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