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ILIAD is an acronym that stands for "Intelligent Layered Imaging Architecture for Drawing". To make it short, ILIAD's a painting plugin for Unreal Engine to edit textures. Its powerful brush engine is based on Blueprints to emulate natural media, such as crayon, oil painting, charcoal or airbrush. ILIAD is compatible with Ink-based tablets and Wacom tablets. More information



EPOS is a 2D//3D storyboard plugin for Unreal Engine. It helps you to easily manage the spatial and temporal structure of your films by creating shots, cameras and drawing planes in a few clicks. EPOS was designed to be as friendly as possible for 2D artists who have never used Unreal Engine before, and it offers many amazing features to ease your workflow.

Other products

Asset Pack

Brush Packs

Need to push your creativity a step further? We've got several different brush packs to please you and your art that are available on Unreal Engine Marketplace for a fair price. We've got vegetal brushes, nature brushes, drawing tools, paint brushes, normalmap brushes, pixel art brushes... and so much more!



ULIS is an acronym that stands for Utility Library for Imaging System. This library was created to answer the specific needs of Praxinos projects (ILIAD, Odyssey) related to the context of raster-based drawing in a 3D environment. ULIS benefited from the support of RIAM by the CNC.


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Odyssey is a 2D animation software project powered by the real-time 3D game software Unreal Engine. All ther products (ILIAD, ULIS, EPOS) are the necessary bricks which will compose Odyssey.