Support us!

Praxinos is able to develop free plugins and pay wages thanks to the financing support of Epic Games (through its MegaGrant program) and various French public subsidies. If you think our work deserves to be supported, you will find below various solutions to help us.

Brush packs on the Marketplace

We sell many brush packs on Unreal Engine Marketplace to suit various needs: you need to paint on Normalmaps? We've got a pack for this. You want to stylized Megascan assets? We've also got paint brushes and drawing tools for this! You need to do pixelart or paint tiles for a 2D game? Guess what? We've got what you want too.


Brushes created above used to be Patreon tier. Due to the time it took, we could not longer maintain perks and had to stop. The account is still working though, so feel fee to support us monhly for a few bucks.


You can also use Paypal for a one-shot donation. Any amount is welcome!

Request our services

Our team is pretty skillful and we can provide you many different paying services, including trainings to master our plugins on Unreal Engine 5.

You cannot afford any of these? Don't worry, we know these are rough times. However, you can support us online by many different ways: share and like our content on social media (we are active on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Reddit) ; use our Discord server to tell us what you think of our plugins and to show us your art so we can share it around on. To make it short: spread the good word about our plugins. These tiny actions means a lot to us!