Viewport Options


When opening an EPOS Sequence (Board or Shot), you will automatically toggle the Storybard Viewport


This Viewport offers a few settings to help you to work.


Grids can be displayed as a HUD.



Notes can be displayed as an overlay or on the viewport (as explained in lesson Step 10 - Notes).



The Viewport can be rotated in order to draw in comfortable way.


Unreal Engine Layout

Unreal Engine offers different layout options, which can be really helpful if you want to see both the Camera view and the whole environment at the same time. To do so:

  1. Click in the Viewport Settings Menu to change the layout (choose a vertical split screen for instance).

  1. Both panels might a little upside down. Edit one of the panels to be in Perspective mode, Default Viewport mode.

  1. Then, this very same panel must have the option Allow Cinematic Control deactivated. You can also deactivate the option Game View to see all the Actors (including all Planes and Cameras).

  1. The second panel, on the other must be in Storyboard Viewport mode. The options Allow Cinematic Control and Game View must be activated.

../_images/settings-viewport-layout-ue-perspectivestoryboard.png ../_images/settings-viewport-layout-ue-perspectivestoryboard-control.png
  1. If you lock the Camera view to the Board and play the animation or the storyboard, the first Plane will show you the action in the whole environment, while the second panel will show you the Camera view only.


ILIAD Layout

Did you know you could also activate a special 2D viewport from ILIAD? To do so:

  1. Enable ILIAD mode in Unreal Engine (Viewport Drawing Editor)

  1. Click on the the button 2D Viewport

  1. You will probably get an empty grey panel. Dock it anywhere, select a Plane in your storyboard and you will see the content of the Drawing’s Texture 2D.

Then you can choose to draw either in Unreal Engine Viewport, or in ILIAD 2D Viewport. Depending on the Drawing and Plane selected, the 2D Viewport will update in real-time. Since this 2D Viewport is not affected by the 3D environment, your strokes will be much smoother than in the Unreal Engine Viewport. If your computer is not too powerful, this might be a good trick to avoid broken lines.