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Release notes - fixes and new features

Publié : Jeu Avr 02, 2020 1:38 pm
par Elodie
Version 0.1 - 2019-12-18

• UV map editing with a mesh selector
• Color selectors (Color Wheel, HSL, HSV, etc.)
• Layer stack (merge, duplicate, delete, lock and hide)
• Blending modes for layers and drawing tools (erase, multiply, overlay, burn, etc)
• Blueprint-based brushes (Odyssey brushes) with specific nodes (GetPressure, GetColor, etc.)
• Compatible with tablets (Ink & Wintab API) and pressure sensitive (+ other modes, like altitude & azimuth)
• Works in runtime (means you can edit a texture in ILIAD while play mode is activated)
• Exporting layers as 2D textures
• Pan, rotate and zoom
• Can edit 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit textures
• Undo & Redo stack
• Compatible UE 4.23

Re: Release notes - fixes and new features

Publié : Jeu Avr 02, 2020 1:47 pm
par Elodie
Version 0.2 - 2020-01-24

• Add a preference to choose between ink/wintab/none feature
• screen dpi != 100% adds a shift when drawing on viewport
• Save-As doesn't save the current display
• Manage tilt(/azimuth/rotation/Pitch/Roll/Yaw/...) with wintab
• undo/redo doesn't work well when the strokes require time to be completed
• If you edit 16 bits or 32 bits images, you might experience artifacts when drawing
• New icons required for (un)lock alpha chanel in layers
• Finish the "Blend" node and add the "change sample size" node in blueprints. (crop/extend)
• Add "Alpha Lock" option in layers
• Compatible UE 4.24
• Fix dual screen bug when using tablets on PC.

Re: Release notes - fixes and new features

Publié : Jeu Avr 02, 2020 1:47 pm
par Elodie
Version 0.3 - 2020-03-27

• Add layer folder.
• New plugin icon for the UE plugin panel.
• Missings points when one start to draw with Ink.
• When creating a new layer: create it above the current one (AND in the right folder).
• Layers saved within the texture.
• No more "Not saved" warning message when closing Iliad.
• MacOS compatibility with tablets
• MacOS can compile Iliad (warning bugs fixed).
• 70 Odyssey brushes included by default in the package (note : Show Engine Content must be activated).
• Added basic Penbrush tool, without AA at the moment.
• Fix undo bug : not working properly with image sizes that are not a multiple of 64.
• Fix pan shortcut bug that could occur with the stylus input module.
• Add the checkbox : " Draw Brush Preview " in the Performance Options panel.
• Add " Edit Thumbnail " option in the OdysseyBrush RMB menu.
• MacOS : fix the random occurence of the [0,0] point when using tablets.

Re: Release notes - fixes and new features

Publié : Lun Juil 27, 2020 1:40 pm
par Elodie
Version 0.4 - 2020-03-15

• Brush pack update

Re: Release notes - fixes and new features

Publié : Lun Juil 27, 2020 1:52 pm
par Elodie
Version 0.5 - 2020-07-17

• 4.25 compatibility
• ULIS3 implementation : more blending modes (layers and Odyssey brushes nodes), Catmull interpolation, etc.
• Added create odyssey brush inside Iliad category

• New version of our graphical library: ULIS3, which significantly improves drawing performances.

• Save system of Iliad textures improved to be coherent with UE4
• Deleting last layer in layer stack and creating a new one no longer crashes Iliad
• Undo/Redo no longer crashes when outside the undo/redo indexes
• Iliad no longer crashes when picking a color outside of the drawing zone
• The nodes "OnStateChanged" , "OnSelected" and "OnStrokeEnd" now works, so you can make most of the brush calculations before or after painting for better performances.

• Refactor of Iliad as a whole, allowing more flexibility for new changes and more comprehension of the code

Re: Release notes - fixes and new features

Publié : Mar Jan 12, 2021 3:37 pm
par Elodie
Version 0.6 - 2021-01-12

New Features :
• ILIAD Drawing Viewport Editor : you can now edit any static mesh and paint on their texture directly from Unreal Engine Viewport ! It's been a long and tough piece of work, but it brings a whole new set of possibilities. We hope you'll like it !
• ILIAD Flipbook Editor : edit Flipbooks with ILIAD and make 2D animations in Unreal Engine
• New Texture panel to choose the size + the name + Color model + Channel depth of your new Texture Asset + Background color (Transparent, White or Purple). Available formats : Grey 8 (only grey value in 8 bit), BGRA 8 (Blue Green Red Alpha in 8 bit), BGRE 8 (Blue Green Red Exponent in 8 bit), RGBA 16 (Red Green Blue Alpha in 16 bit) and RGBA 16 F (Red Green Blue Alpha in 16 bit float).

Odyssey brush Blueprint nodes :
• New categories to organise Odyssey brush nodes : Block, Canvas, Color, Input, Math, Matrix, Modifiers, Stamps, Stroke and Transforms.
• "Sample" input is replaced by "Block". Many Block nodes have been added : Create Block, convert Bloc to format, Blend Block (which replaces Blend), Blend Block with colors, crop Block (to resize a source image), Get block size (width / height), etc.
• Font block have been added : Get Font Blocks, Get Font Character info, etc. They shall be used to make text brushes.
• Fixing nodes Get Acceleration, Get Delta Position, Get Delta Time, Get Jolt, Get Speed.
• Anti-aliasing is now an option from Stamp to make smoother stroke.
• New Canvas nodes : GetViewportRotation, GetViewportPan, GetScreenCoordinates, GetViewportZoom.
• New nodes related to Color model management (Get Block Color Model, Convert Block to Format).
• Deprecated : Simple Stamp does no longer exist (you shall use Stamp instead). Fill Preserve Alpha is replaced by Fill Block with Color and Fill Block with Color (Array)
• No more Cache available in Odyssey brushes : they are automatically determined depending on the "Event on".

UX :
• Fixing slow color wheel and color selector.
• Fixing slow Layer opacity selector.
• Whole new bunch of shortcuts available (resize canvas, reset rotation angle, new layer, new keyframe, flood fill, clear content, etc.). Also includes E for Alpha mode Erase and B for Alpha mode Normal, like Photoshop.
• You can assign shortcuts in an Odyssey Brush to call various settings : bigger, smaller, resize, etc. Sadly, this feature is faulty on MacOS, only when using ILIAD Texture Editor. It works in ILIAD Drawing Viewport Editor only if the shortcut assigned is not already in use somewhere else in Unreal Engine.
• When editing an Odyssey brush, you had to reload it in ILIAD by loading another brush before loading the one being edited. That was annoying as hell. Now, there is a shortcut to do so : F5.
• Bug fixed when filtering Odyssey Brushes in the Content Browser.
• Penbrush is loaded by default when editing a Texture, though you can change your default brush in Editor Preferences.
• You can create an Odyssey Brush from ILIAD interface.
• No more disturbing artifacts when zooming in / out canvas.
• Add couple of brushes, including drawing shapes (rectangles, circle, etc.).
• Texture Details panel is now directly available within ILIAD interface (Texture and Flipbook Editor).
• Fixed a slow Undo / Redo.

Other :
• Changed "Module Runtime" > "module developer" to prevent errors when compiling by users.
• Fixed wrong angle direction on first stamp when using a tablet (both Ink / Wintab API and NSevent).
• Fixed too many stamps applied at the same place with Wintab API.
• Fixed stroke randomly starting at 0,0 on Mac and Windows (Ink API).
• Many issues fixed due to the compression settings between ILIAD and Unreal Engine.
• Fixed Catmull interpolation.
• No more crash when picking up a colour out of the drawing area in ILIAD.
• Fixed various saving issues.
• Maximum Texture Size is now taken in account (Thank you Red House Games 😊).
• Compatible UE 4.26


Pay Attention :

• Live update "Issue" : by default, if you modify a Texture in ILIAD Texture Editor and this texture is currently used in your level, the live update might be "broken". Actually, this is not a bug, this comes from Mipmaps. Since a Texture can be displayed differently depending on the perspective of the user in the level, we cannot force by default the live update. If you want the live update back, you must open the Texture Details panel in ILIAD and change Mipmap settings to "No Mipmap".

• Due to huge changes in Odyssey Brush nodes, older brushes won't be working anymore : you will have to update them and replace deprecated nodes by the new ones. It's an evil for a good!

• Sometimes, having a pop-up / warning message on top of ILIAD editors (Flipbook & Texture) might add a tiny dot on the texture. We don't know why and did not fix that before the release, as we were afraid it would delay it even more. You're warned ☺️