ILIAD - Things we want to add

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ILIAD - Things we want to add

Message par Elodie » Mer Nov 27, 2019 2:35 pm

• More sample brushes.

• The ability to shift pixels and the ability to smear colors with the existing ones.
• A stamp node that would use a TrueType font as input.

• More event nodes such as : OnSelected, OnStrokeEnd, OnTick, Keyboard... should be available in the future.
• Navigator Panel and Note Panel should be properly implemented in the future.

• Green icons for Odyssey Brushes should be replaced by auto generated thumbnails in the future.

• Basic shapes such as circle, rectangles, ellipses, bezier splines, etc. won’t work. This should be done soon.

• Some transform tools will be added in the future, such as Rotate, Rescale, Stretch, Warp, etc.

• At the moment, you can only create new textures in 8 bit : 16 bit and 32 bit options will be added later, although you can already edit such textures with iliad.

• Grouping layers into folders.

• Masks / Stencils.

• Being able to save layers within the 2D texture, without exporting them first.