ILIAD - Known issues on v0.1

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ILIAD - Known issues on v0.1

Message par Elodie » Mer Nov 27, 2019 2:31 pm

• The Built-In Stylus & Tablet Plugin should NOT be activated ! Iliad does have its own tablet management system :
• Iliad only can use both « Ink » and « Wintab » API on Windows. ( Mac Tablet management should be ready very soon while Linux Tablet managment might be considered in the future. )

• Regarding « Ink » and « Wintab » API on Windows : we don't handle Altitude and Azimut yet because the way it's calculated on those API is different. It should be handled properly soon. (fixed)

• Wintab can't be selected if you don't have Wacom drivers installed.

• When using wintab : you can't draw with the mouse once you have already drawing with the stylus.

• If you edit 16 bits or 32 bits images, you might experience artifacts and slower strokes when drawing. This should be fixed and improved in the next beta version. (fixed)
fixed artefacts
• If you use 16 bits images, they should be set as DTX5 within unreal after you save them with iliad. They might remain quoted as BGR8 while it's not accurate.

• By the way : (8/16/32 Bits) images require the corresponding stamps to be used within the brushes, or it will generate artefacts.

• Artifacts might appear when you create a new texture with ILIAD : don’t forget to clear the canvas if it’s the case before you start to paint.

• In the plugin interface, after selecting an Odyssey Brush, you might notice a tab named « Overrides » that is located below Exposed Parameters.
Overrides are intented to be effective only when you reload your OdysseyBrush. To be exact : they are the default values when you open your brush.
Overrides should not be edited when working on ILIAD interface, as they won't work from here (this tab should be removed in a next beta version to avoid confusion).
Overrides can only be modified when editing an Odyssey Brush with Blueprint interface and within the "exposed parameters" panel.
Also, within the OdysseyBrush blueprint interface, the "overrrides" panel doesn't work at the moment (should be fixed soon, so "overrides" will have their own panel).

• Working in subpixel mode requires some nodes that are still a work in progress. As a consequence, a basic Penbrush like the ones below won’t be available at their full quality at this time.
Subpixel nodal graphs should look more or less like this. They might be hidden in a function or macro.
• The « alpha » mode is experimental, so you might experience some artifacts, like blocs of pixels.
• To have your current tool working as an eraser, you should have both « blend » and « alpha » options in the Top Bar mode set to « erase ».
• At the moment, the only way to save the layer stack is to export them separately.

• The "Blend" node is pretty new and should be changed soon, use it at your own risk.

• Undo/Redo is buggy with very slow brushes.

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Re: ILIAD - Known issues on v0.1

Message par Elodie » Jeu Déc 19, 2019 12:51 pm

/!\ If you're using a Wacom tablet (don't forget to check this topic), you may experience 2 issues :

• 1st issue : if you're using 2 monitors (can be dual screen with an Intuos Tablet or 1 Cintiq + 1 extra monitor), the mapping will be lost with Wintab

• 2nd issue : when using Ink, some packages are lost and it over-smooth your stroke :